Saturday, October 23, 2010

A week of beautiful things

I always have mixed feelings about my birthday, that little kid giddy feeling of getting the attention, hidden gifts and the inevitable grumpy, schucks I'm getting older feeling...but life is good, friends are dear and my family is amazing! Just very grateful for my birthday week and all the surprises, well wishes and beautiful things.

And then another treat. A night out at Beckta's, Ottawa's highly rated and best reviewed restaurant in town. The food was great - rich, tasty, with a great palette of flavours. And although my husband does not approve of my choice of beet salad, he was insanely pleased with his tuna starter - and who can beat spaetzle on a cold fall evening?

If you are in town and have chance to try Beckta's, do so. It's on the pricey side and the food is rich, but it's worth the visit. And if you love wine, then this place is a must and you might stretch your budget for a wine pared meal.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A red bench

A red bench finishes this tedious and laborious project. After four months of renovating when schedules allow, the mudroom is finally ready to receive our jackets, boots, keys, mail and other items readily dropped when coming in.

We've had a lot of ups and downs with this project. A lot of large scale work, including drywall and tiling, but also many hours spent painting trim and walls. I am ecstatic with the fresh and fun look of our new room, but also the functionality of it. The fact that little M can sit up on the bench and take off her shoes and reach the hooks to hang her jacket. She might still need to be reminded of not dropping everything, but I'm sure by the time she goes off to university she'll be able to handle this simple task. And if the urge gets to me I have baskets and cubbies and hooks to put things away.

I enjoy the little details we worked on, such as keeping the old closet door and painting it with chalkboard paint. Once the paint was dry, both M and D eagerly took their piece of chalk and got right to it.

Again, without the hours spent by my dear hubby none of this would have happened and we'd still be prying our way around a washer and dryer, bumping into a utility sink and looking at dated vinyl tiles and tartan wallpaper.

Hurray to polka dot fabric and a red bench to put an exclamation mark on our completed project!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bursts of colour

Work has been absolutely crazy for the last couple of weeks. My mind's been racing day after day, thinking of the things still to be done and not to be forgotten. So absorbed by daily tasks that we barely lift our head around us would make you miss a lot of beauty this time of the year.

It's October and fall is at its full beauty here in Ontario. Leaves have exploded in colour - it seems from one moment to the next. I am never sure as to why one year has better foliage than another; be it dry summer, wet summer, sudden cold or what. Regardless, as I was driving down the Parkway today I could have stopped multiple times because of the sheer beauty of the colours and the river rushing by. Just a simple point and shoot photo to share a glimpse of the view.

I come home and my daughter has flown her kite today - a task made difficult this summer because we often lacked wind. But today the kite soared, way up in the bright blue sky - up high above the coloured trees.

And won't you believe it - even here in Ottawa, October calls for Octoberfest! Pretzels made by Swiss Pastries, local beer, happy crowds and loud 'umpa' music to make a great day of it.

October has come fast, but look at the beauty it brings. Just lift that head out of your day to day cloud of things to do and you'll see it explode around you.