Wednesday, May 26, 2010

chimneys, meetings, traffic jam and CHEO

What a day! Never ending blahh news and continued go go go.
Chimney repointing is turning into chimney rebuild - who has money and time for that! What a lovely way to spend my money on a chimney that will look exactly like the one I have. Well, we are paying for piece of mind and not having the chimney blow away with gale force wind, knocking someone out on the way down. Mhhh, maybe if that happened insurance would pay for the entire chimney to be rebuilt? Anyhow, cruddy news to start off at 7 am.
Next we have meetings, meetings, unclear meetings, more things to be clarified, run to next room, phone display broken, email slow, internet even slower...ahhh
Now, Desi is still feeling sick and has a fever. Can it still be the sun on day three? Is it an infection...what's wrong? Why are little kids not equipped with vocabulary so they can clearly indicate why they're not feeling well? No, the guessing game makes parenting a more exiting and challenging game (insert sarcasm here). So, off goes Bruno to CHEO...wait, wait, wait and wait again. He's not chocking, bleeding or otherwise obviously in danger, so wait again for poor little guy.
In the meantime I entertain an almost three year old that did not have her nap! Yippi! Fit for not having her bag, not finding the right bag, wanting my glasses in the car. Cry, cry, cry...
Well, a hotdog does the trick and some ice cream. Am I bribing her for bad behaviour or comforting her in her bad mood, or rewarding her for the spouts of good, funny and cute behaviour...I don't know. But we manage to go to the Bay, have my watch fixed while waiting and leave the Bay with only buying a birthday card for herself...mhhh, not too bad.
Back home, back to crying because of bath time and missing green bunny rabbit (gone for months, but what do I know). Bath done, hair washed and now we cry because Daddy and Desi are still gone. Calmed down, TV, milk and ready for bed?
Nooooo, some more crying, kicking, not wanting her teeth brushed or potty time...mhhh what a lovely evening. One book, three songs and on song four she's asleep. Yayyyy! I guess I'd cry too if I was that tired :) Wouldn't it be nice to express our upmost unhappyness, grumpyness or anger so honestly?
Here I am, quiet house, storm brewing outside, big city tax bill (along with that chimney one) waiting for my little boy to come home...hopefully not sick.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finally logged in!

Ha! So it took me about 15 minutes to log in! Could not remember my user name, then I could not remember my new password so I had it sent to my email, then got distracted reading my emails, then saw I had a message on FB - had to read that, oh I remember what I wanted in the first place. Password and username, let's try again. Brain dead or just sign of multiple password requests on a day to day basis. I think it also did not help that I was prompted to change my password at work today....can't we just identify ourselves with laser fingerprint scans or eye scans or something...come on!

So, I'm in. Second post. Still not really sure what to write, but here goes: beautiful sunny Spring day, somewhat wasted at work with minor meetings and wrapping up things before heading to a course for the rest of the week. Now, how exiting is to get a certificate in change process management...I don't know...right now I'm thinking, dry, dry, dry...but hey I might be surprised :) I'm also supposed to be doing a pre reading for that, hmmm, I guess I should be taking this time that I'm spending here to read??? Procrastination was always a great talent of mine when it came to school work.

House is actually quiet right now. I put Desi to bed and Bruno is getting Maelle ready for bed...what to do next? Crash and watch TV? fold laundry? throw away the leftover French Fries in the kitchen, tidy the family room, go on FB, finish painting my living and dining room (6 months after moving in), tackle any other of the million to do things on my renovation/fix/update/decorate list....mhhhhh. I think the only answer is to sit down and try not to fall asleep before my daughter does and the sun is still up...who would have thought that that was my main challenge one day.

I'll be back after a good nights sleep and I found out how dry my course really is and how well I'm fending for myself without doing the pre reading.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

why to start and what to say

Well, here I am, my first blog. Well I guess not really a blog, but rather setting up a space to potentially blog. Have I blogged before? Not really...I've ghost blogged corporately, once every couple of weeks. But that's not really a blog is it - that's using a different tool to get a corporate message across.

Anyway, here I am, hoping to write down some thoughts that pass by me, sometimes so fast I can't remember them later on. This might 'journalize' my life a little, especially with time passing so fast with two kids, a husband and two cats.

Maybe by writing down some thoughts, my flitting ideas might materialize to something and I won't keep bugging my husband with new grand adventures on what I want to do creatively, how to make money, what new house we need or where we really should be living in order to live a more exiting life...that constant search for change as I get bored with things so easily. Thank goodness that does not apply to my husband...who I love so much and can't think out of any of my life scenarios.

So here I am, set up my account and ready roll...not sure how fast the ride will be, not sure I really have anything to say. But that's besides the point I guess - let me just start with capturing thoughts and memories.

Day 1 on blog: had a great morning with Bruno, Maelle and Desi at the Tulip Festival. I was surprised by well behaved kids, sunny weather, an overall good mood...