Friday, November 26, 2010


Having not grown up in North America, Smores was not a treat I was familiar with. I might have heard about it, but never actually tasted one. When I was pregnant the first time I got this inexplicable craving for smores. I had seen this camping ad on TV where they all hung around a fire at the beach and enjoyed big Smores.

I had never tasted it, but I wanted that combination of graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate desperately. I have to also confess that during my pregnancies, advertising had a much bigger impact that it normally would. I talked about Smores for weeks and finally my hubby broke down and got all the ingredients. We made a whole bunch of them, took our first bite and.... well, that's not that great is it? I don't understand why everyone loves these things?

A recent post by S about her dislike of cupcakes, reminded me of this story. It seems socially not acceptable NOT to like Smores - come on, where you never a kid - what's wrong with you, etc.

So I thought it might be because I was pregnant, but another try a few months later resulted in the same dislike. I think I just don't like graham crackers that way and I am definitely a chocolate snob. A couple of months back I tried again, but I changed the ingredients. The main marshmallow stayed, but I used Norwegian ginger snaps and a dark Swiss chilli chocolate. Now you're talking! This IS good! A beautiful marshmallow texture, sweet zing of ginger and that heat added to the dark sweetness of!

I might not like a good ol' American Smore, but give me some expensive European ingredients and I'm sold!

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