Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fruits of the season part 2

Here I am again, writing about tomatoes. You might be sick of it, but we are still producing a harvest with many green ones ready to ripen.

On my last post my very good friend S posted a comment with a link to The Wednesday Chef and a tomato recipe that I should try.

Now, my friend writes a great food blog and I am always happy to see what she is up to in Berlin - how her tastes have changed since we lived together, what's important to her now compared to our university years. Her blog revolves around food, something she loves and many of us do. The blog she pointed me to is a top rated food blog and I've been reading a lot of food related stories these days.

My blog was not meant to be about food, but rather a diary to capture stories I know we'd forget, especially as we are going through life at a child induced crazy speed (let's not even get to the fact that August and therefore summer is over).

I've had a very good memory and can recall many dates, times, songs, memories, events up to about 3 years ago. Coincidentally my memory no longer serves me as well (hormones, kid craziness or loss of brain cells?), so this is to keep my stories alive for myself and my family - and if it serves to connect long distance friendships, letting people feel they know a little more of what is going on in my life then that's great too.

So, not a food blog - but this post is again about food. I'm calling it part two, because I cooked the recipe that my friend pointed me to in part one...and you should try this. My hubby will agree full heartedly - it was so yummy, so simple, tasty and fresh that I want to make it again and again. And with all the tomatoes still ready to ripen I am sure we will recreate the recipe over and over this September.
Have a look and try it yourself.

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