Saturday, May 15, 2010

why to start and what to say

Well, here I am, my first blog. Well I guess not really a blog, but rather setting up a space to potentially blog. Have I blogged before? Not really...I've ghost blogged corporately, once every couple of weeks. But that's not really a blog is it - that's using a different tool to get a corporate message across.

Anyway, here I am, hoping to write down some thoughts that pass by me, sometimes so fast I can't remember them later on. This might 'journalize' my life a little, especially with time passing so fast with two kids, a husband and two cats.

Maybe by writing down some thoughts, my flitting ideas might materialize to something and I won't keep bugging my husband with new grand adventures on what I want to do creatively, how to make money, what new house we need or where we really should be living in order to live a more exiting life...that constant search for change as I get bored with things so easily. Thank goodness that does not apply to my husband...who I love so much and can't think out of any of my life scenarios.

So here I am, set up my account and ready roll...not sure how fast the ride will be, not sure I really have anything to say. But that's besides the point I guess - let me just start with capturing thoughts and memories.

Day 1 on blog: had a great morning with Bruno, Maelle and Desi at the Tulip Festival. I was surprised by well behaved kids, sunny weather, an overall good mood...


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